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Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him

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Valentine’s Day celebrated on 14th February is a special day which has attracted lot of attention and importance all over the world. It is a kind of special day for all the love birds out there who want to express their love to their special someone. It is that day of the year where couples spend sometime together, exchange gifts and share their feelings towards each other. Though everyday is a Valentine’s day for newly formed couples but it is always nice to give special attention to your love and tell them how special they are and how they have created an impact on your life. It is always great and never enough to hear your love appreciate you and make you feel special. Gifts and cards are the most common ways to impress and share your feelings.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him

Finding a perfect gift requires your time and this is what makes a gift special and not the price tag. Usually each year couples spend nights before Valentine’s Day to find the perfect gift and yet gets hopelessly confused in trying to find that one thing which can express your feeling in the most perfect way. If you are a girl and newly into a relationship the choice becomes more tough for you since you don’t want to get anything wrong. A perfect gift has no definition and all you can do is to understand your Mr. Perfect and buy him something that best suits his mood and taste. To help you, here are some Valentine’s day gift ideas for him.


One of the romantic gift ever. Early references of Perfume (Latin – perfumare, means “to smoke through”) can be found in ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Indus Valley Civilization and ancient China. Good fragrance perfumes have always been in demand and are usually costly however there are lots of perfumes available in market and you can easily find one as per your budget and fragrance choice. A nice perfume is always a great gift and we would recommend going for brands such as Dior, Versace or Chanel.

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Watch as men accessory goes well whether you are suited for an event or ready for usual setup. There are many varieties of watches available in the market and you can choose from analog, digital or the recent addition to this category – the smart watch. Some wrist watch brands we would like to recommend are – Accurist, Armani, Sekonda, Fossil. In smart watch category you could either go for Apple, Huwai or Fitbit.

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Smart Phone

Smart phones are not just a necessity, it also shows how much updated you are with the latest trends in today’s world. You can buy a nice trendy iPhone or if he is not much of an Apple fan can gift him some nice and trendy Android smart phone such as from Huawei, One Plus or Motorola (Check out the new flip phone from Motorola). We think this could really be a nice gift for him.

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Leather Journal Writing Notebook

Some guys are just old school and that is what makes them off the rest. Why not buy him a nice Leather Journal writing notebook? It would be a nice gift to make him keep notes or write his own journals. Check out some best options available at Amazon for trendy leather notebook.

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Cuff-links are a great idea for him if he is more into suits and formals. A great set of Cuff-links not only improves the appearance but also shows how much you care about the smaller details in life. Cuff-links these days are not just plain old big button replacements but are quite trendy with lots of designs.

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Scarfs could be the perfect gift idea for him this Valentine’s Day. A scarf is very usable and will always remind him about you and how much you care for him. Buy some good scarfs for him to make him miss you all the time.

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Wireless Head Phones

Music is all that sets the mood. If he loves to hear songs then there is no gift better then buying a pair of headsets for him. With lots of varieties available in the market and all sorts of in-ear, on-ear and over-ear head phones from top brands, you are sure to find something to match your taste. With everything going wireless a perfect noise cancelling wireless headphone for him will make him happy and special. Few brands we recommend are Sony, Bose, JBL and Beats.

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Virtual Reality Headsets

Now these are the new entries to the market and their is nothing more fun than the Virtual Reality headsets which take on entertainment to a whole new level. If you gave never tried a VR headset, jump on to the nearest store and experience it. It is the next cool thing in market to try and it is obviously quite different from anything else in market. Buy some VR game cd’s along with the VR and you can have lot of fun together. Best in market is – Oculus. Remember, it is pricey but is every penny worth of it.

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Have some change and cash, wallets have always been in trends. Even with market going for more cashless economy you always have some changes to keep and a place for all those debit and credit cards. With new contact-less cards coming in trend it is always good to go for the ones with RFID security.

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Coffee Travel Mug

For those who had to travel more spill proof Coffee travel mugs are always the best bets. They can also be used in offices and are quite usable product for him. Check out some elegant looking or a fancy nice coffee travel mug for him.

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We know there are many other great Valentine’s Day gift ideas but here was a short compilation from us. Few items which wanted to but just didn’t make it to our list are – Tie, Sunglasses, Pen, Music player and a nice pair of shoes.

Before we go here is a quick tip to make your Valentine perfect – it is always great to buy some nice Champagne or some Wine to set the mood right for Valentine’s Day. We hope you would have liked our compilation and find something perfect for your partner. Remember, it is about how you feel and not just the price tag that would make your partner appreciate your efforts.

“Have a lovely Valentine’s Day love!”

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