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About Us

Felicity Plus About

We envision a healthy lifestyle for everyone without sacrificing on
“the taste”

Fresh Strawberry

We believe that anyone can stay healthy without sacrificing tasty food and drinks. Life is much fun when you can have
just a little of everything.

Our values are driven from the following beliefs that make us what we are..

“the healthy, tempting tasty food wonderland

Explore & Experiment

We believe that you don’t need to be orthodox when it comes to food. Experimenting with food lets you explore a whole new world of opportunities & taste. We believe that you too can discover your secret to a tasty recipe and to a lifestyle full of health and fun.

Best of Everything

Fitness does not need to be just about exercise and food does not need to be just about getting the required nutrients. To build that healthy lifestyle we believe that you need to learn at-least a one or few things about food and cooking. Fitness and food should go hand in hand, but to be fit – everything tasty has to go right out of the window may not have to be your life anymore. Lets bring these two worlds together by learning more about food and understanding its secrets.

Empowering You

We believe that anyone can cook a tasty meal and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You no longer need to feel that cooking is not your piece of cake. You can not adopt a healthy lifestyle unless you understand the food and what suits you well. Come, join and learn the secrets of food and health world.

Know the world

Food has always been a great beacon to come and know the world. Food is one thing that connects people quite easily and let you understand this world better. We all are different but the food has the power to connect us all. It is not just about food, we believe that the more you explore the world, the more you get to know about other people, their culture and the one secret that makes them what they are. Know the world, connect with people, enjoy their food and build a healthy lifestyle.

Share & Spread the Love

You have a secret about food, drinks, healthy lifestyle or exploring the world? We would love you to join our bandwagon and share your stories, journeys and secrets with the rest of the world. Let us connect and build a healthy tasty tempting food wonderland for everyone.