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Felicity Plus is opening its channels for guest bloggers to submit their original work for publishing. We believe it helps both our guests and us to channelise new and original content that is a win for everybody. Our readers enjoy original content while our guests get to reach more wider audience via our platform. Whether you are a seasoned blogger or just starting your journey we welcome you all to write for us and interact with our wonderful audiences.

Since we work in health and wellness hence we appreciate original and well research articles for our website. We want to ensure that our readers get to see and hear some really wonderful content that will help them take a step towards a healthy lifestyle. We request you to read the requirements carefully and we will be happy to include you in our club.

We would like to bring the original, best and latest content to our readers. Read the content guidelines carefully and apply for guest author at Felicity Plus.

If you are interested as guest blogger and would like to submit your article we have very few and simple requirements –

1. Share 2 samples of your previous work (link to articles) showing your details in author bio section.

2. Link to your social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) so we can validate that you are a genuine user and a regular blogger.

3. Confirm what you would like from us in return?

4. Share list of topics under health and wellness where you will be comfortable writing for us. These topics should match our theme on health and wellness.

5. We will review the list of topics and revert with the topic that meets our current requirement and focus.

6. We will let you know how to submit your article once above steps are completed.

While you are submitting the article it should meet all of the following criteria –

1. Your copy should be original and well researched with no spelling or grammatical mistakes. Article should be 2000 words or more and SEO friendly.

2. Share links of the research material used to create this copy. Note – You should use good reputable research websites such as pubmed etc for the content else your copy will be rejected.

3. Submit at-least 2-3 copyright free stock photos along with the featured image and the article.

4. Same copy should not have been submitted to any other website/portal for publishing.

5. Research for keywords so your article can rank well in google search. 

6. You should also share a profile pic and brief note about yourself for the Author bio section. We are happy to spread the good word for you!

We encourage long term relationship with our guest bloggers and if you would like a link back to your personal blog/website we will be happy to do so. However, please note your website/personal blog should be professional else this request may be declined.

Your submitted copy will be reviewed within 15 days and will be published only if it meets our editorial standards. In case your copy is not taken forward we will inform you about the issue(s). In most of the cases we are happy to work with you to ensure appropriate corrections are made so we can publish the hard work.

Note – We reserve the right to make modifications to your copy in case it is required to match with our vision. Since health is an ever-changing field we reserve the right to take down your article anytime if it does not meet our audit criteria. This is usually rare but we need to ensure our website gives correct information to our users.