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12 Simple Tips for instant headache relief

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Headaches are the party crashers and mood spoilers. Many people have them occasionally however few have them quite often, sometimes from few hours to few days. Since they can happen anywhere, anytime like when you are in office, early morning as you wake up, parties or get together with friend in the middle of the day or late evening they are known to easily spoil the mood. The good thing however is that there are few simple tips to get rid of headache faster. These methods are easily applicable for tension headache, cluster headache, eyestrain or for migraine relief. Let us see few simple tips for instant headache relief.

tips for instant headache relief

Try the Hot or Cold Pack

Hot and Cold packs can help you get rid of the headaches easily. Either of these would work based on the reason of your headache. So, if you are having headache probably during a hot summer day chances are that a cold pack would do wonders however on a cold winter day the opposite pack may work easily.

Also, if you are having a tension headache hot pack should work for you. These hot and cold reusable packs are easily available in the market and in most cases the same pack can work as hot and cold pack.

There are other devices that are available in market such as the electric heating pads which provide the mechanism to regulate the temperature. You can easily adjust it and use it wrap around your shoulder or neck to get relief from headaches.

Ease Pressure on your Head or Scalp

Sometimes the reason behind your headache could be as simple as a tightly knit head bun, a pony tail, headband or even because you are wearing a cap or hat. Try to lose these in your everyday attire and you will feel better. If you are a bike rider sometimes the extra weight of helmet can also cause headache. Try some mild neck and shoulder exercise and take some breaks in between so you can relax your head by removing helmet in the meantime.

Apply Pressure on Head or Scalp

Many people often experience pulsating headache and a constant pressure in or around pain spots help provide instant relieve from headache. You can also use a headband around your forehead to apply constant pressure that will ease the pain.

In case you are having neck pain it is often a good idea to use a thick towel or cloth and tie it around your neck to provide additional support and instant relief from pain. In case you experience bad neck pain along with headache, often the cause of your headache may be due to neck. For such cases tying a towel or even using a cervical collar may he helpful in relief from headache.


Sweets and Chocolates can often help in headaches though the latter is many times considered as factors contributing to headaches. Many people find relief from pain by eating something sugary such as sweets or chocolates in moderation.

Since your blood sugar has direct impact on headaches it should be consumed in moderation only. Sugar has been known as being triggers for headache so try some sweets and chocolates if Sugar is not one of the triggers for your headache.

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Get some Caffeine

Drinking hot beverages such as tea, coffee or cold beverages containing some amount of Caffeine during the early stages of headache can provide instant relief from headaches. Drinking too much of caffeine may however trigger a headache because once caffeine withdrawal starts it may trigger its own headache.

Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Massage is a great way to relax your muscles. It provides instant relief from different types of headaches. It is better if someone can give a quick massage to you on your neck, shoulder or head. In case you are alone try gentle massage (try circular motion) using your fingers and you should get instant relief.

Remember to first try pressing gently in different areas of your head, neck or shoulder to find that spot which gives you best relief. Massaging just everywhere may not be helpful so try finding out this spot before massaging it gently.

Also these spots keep on changing so next time you have another headache episode you would have to again try finding which spot provides the best relief.

Cooling Oil

Cooling Oil are great way to help relieve headaches and work best with all kind of headaches. Just see that the headache itself is not caused due to cold climate in which case these may just increase your headaches. Apply small amount of cooling oil in your head, neck and temple for fast relief.

Balm and Similar Ointments

Balm and similar Ointments are best bets especially when you are alone or may not have to medicine. Applying small amount of balm, ointment or similar lotions help provide extensive relief from bad headaches. Though it does not cure headache it provides soothing effect which helps with instant relief from migraine.

If you experience frequent episodes of bad headache it is a good idea to keep some balm with you.

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Dark Room Rest

Many times people experience sensitivity to light or experience stabbing pain in their eyes while having severe headache. In such cases it is a good idea to just simply close your eyes and rest in dim lit or a dark room. If you are going out in sunlight then it is a good idea to wear sunglasses to minimise strain in your eyes. You may also want to choose white light bulbs for your room to relieve pressure and strain on your eyes.

Dark room rest is known to be one of the simplest ways to get rid of headache.

Take Hot or Cold Shower

Shower is a great way to energise yourself. Based on the type of headache you are having on a particular day it is a good idea to either have a got or cold shower. Again, you need to check if it is a tension type headache hot shower will be best while for migraine cold shower may provide instant relief.

In case you are having headache probably due to neck or shoulder pain then letting a hot/cold stream of shower for few mins in the effected area may be useful. In case your body feels too tired you can plan to take a hot or cold water bath in a tub. A bath may be helpful to keep your body relax and provide relief from headache.

Mild Exercise

Exercise in one of the best tips for migraine relief. While it is difficult to even think about exercise but in many cases mild exercise like cycling, walking, neck exercise or shoulder rolls may be helpful. In case of Sinus headaches and tension headaches an exercise that increase your heartbeat for sometime can actually be more helpful.

At the beginning of the exercise the headache may appear to increase slightly but gradually the headache will simply go away.

Give it a try and see if doing a short intensity exercise may help relax your muscles and provide instant relief from headache.


Depending on your headache it may or may not be a good idea to chew on to something. You can try chewing gum which can help you with some migraine relief. You can also give a try to keep something rigid in your mouth such as a pencil and press on to it for sometime.

Mostly this helps in providing instant relief from headache. In some cases it may actually do the opposite in which case try other methods to get instant migraine relief.

Bottom Line

Every headache is unique depending on its type and the trigger. If you are having headache due to exposure to heat applying cooling oil may work wonders for you. In case of sinus of tension type headaches a short high intensity work out with some stretches may actually be the right thing to do.

Since everybody experience headache but their headache could be very different from what you experience hence a relief method that works for them might actually have an opposite effect on you. Therefore it is better to understand what kind of headaches you get.

To ensure you understand your headache better it is always a good idea to keep a personal diary and record your daily activities. Over a period of time you will be able to identify the cause of your headache and an appropriate relief method that works just for you.