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7 Simple Fitness Tips For Healthy Lifestyle

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In our hectic and stressful life we often ignore our health as there are lots of other priorities in our life and we are very much focused on them.

Sometimes we even forget and often realize too late especially when our health starts to deteriorate and we are no longer able to meet our goals.

This is becoming a common problem nowadays for most people since they are tied up to their 8-9 hours desk job, hours of traveling to work, late nights, achieving company targets, presentation, client meetings and many more things to do.

fitness tips for a healthy lifestyle

Whoops, there are just too many stuffs to be completed in a day and we have not even talked about your personal commitments!

There are just too many things to do and then one day you realize that you have lots of loose ends.

So what happen next?

You run to tie up all the loose ends by working a little extra over weekend, going for a packaged food or fast food restaurant so you have less to cook, getting your personal vehicle to ride to office, little less time to socialize, trying to plan more and more and more to make your life a bit better and to get hold of everything.

Well, all these just add up to your misery and basically leads you slowly and gradually to an unhealthy lifestyle which means you are more stressed and less fit.

So, enough of the misery ride! What is the next obvious question that comes to you mind?

Are there any fitness tips for a healthy lifestyle?

Well, this is not only you facing this situation, this exact thing is happening to almost anybody around you who is engaged in full time corporate work.

We understand, work is an important part of life as it gives us meaning and a sense of achievement but so does the health.

Since for most of us it seems to be quite complicated to balance professional and personal life hence here are

7 Simple fitness tips for healthy lifestyle which you can easily adopt.

Managing your work reduces stress and leads to a healthy lifestyle

In today’s hectic lifestyle, work management is very important to bring a balance to your professional and personal life.

Hence try not to work after office hours and manage your work efficiently within office time. Avoid working on weekends or holidays as weekends and holidays are your “me time” dedicated to be put towards yourself to relax and re-energize.

In some office environments, managers are seen encouraging late nights and weekend or holiday work, however if this is a case with you then you may need to speak to your manager as like most other companies your company may also be encouraging work life balance as companies understand how me time has direct relation with improved productivity.

Daily Workout is the simplest fitness tip for a healthy lifestyle

If you have a desk job or a similar profile where you spent most of your time sitting or have a very busy schedule then exercise becomes more and more important for you.

People generally complain of not having enough time to exercise and they may probably be right, but with a small change in our daily routine we can easily accommodate sometime for exercise.

Example, If your office is at a walk-able distance then instead of taking public transport or private vehicle you can walk to you work place, or if the city you are in has moderate temperature then you can even cycle to office.

This is much better than paying hefty gym fees and booking a special time in your schedule for exercise. What you get in return is a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy food habits lead you to a healthy lifestyle

Studies suggest that yogurt aka curd may be helpful in various disease conditions such as Obesity, Type 2 diabetes, IBS etc
Eating healthy food is one simple fitness tip that can effortlessly improve your health

Eating healthy food is as important as any other fitness tip. You must always keep a track of what you are eating and how much you are eating.

Eating junk food is not recommended if you would like to keep up with a healthy lifestyle.

You may want to go for a fiber rich diet to keep your guts healthy or a protein rich diet to gain muscle.

Keeping track not only helps you maintain an ideal body weight but also ensures that you get the required Vitamins, Minerals and protein from your diet.

If you would like to reduce or increase your weight you can easily keep track of your calories burnt and calorie intake from food.

You can also check how many times you may had been a sinister and did not keep up to your healthy diet regime and went on with some unhealthy snacks and sweets.

Sleep yourself to a healthy lifestyle

Healthy sleep habit is your road to better health
Healthy sleep habit is your road to better health

It is crucial to get enough sleep to recharge our body’s batteries.

You may ask, Why?

The reason is quite simple.

For the entire day your body is working for you but it also requires sometime to recharge, heal and relax to keep you going the next day.

Your body is similar to a machine, and just like a machine requires regular maintenance to keep itself in top notch position.

Quick and easy ways to sleep better

The way your body does necessary repair to you is by Sleep.

While sleeping the body gets time for itself and this helps it to heal and relax better.

CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) often recommend 7 – 8 hours of sleep to keep yourself healthy.

If you are used to taking less sleep then after sometime your body gets exhausted and it will start reflecting in the form of diseases like stress, abnormal increased /decreased weight, digestion problem and other abdominal Problems etc.

Stress is No.1 killer of healthy lifestyle

It is hard to balance your work and personal life if you are tired all the time
It is hard to balance your work and personal life if you are tired all the time. Reduce your stress for better lifestyle

Stress is natural but excessive stress can lead your health to risk.

Stress can happen due to any thing around us such as – from office work to your personal commitments.

There are many mental or physical diseases caused by Stress. One problem people often face while in stress is forgetting obvious things.

Forgetting about things is not always because of a week memory but can be an indication of high stress which may further lead to more complex health problems such as heart disease, insomnia, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression or gaining weight.

There are multiple ways in which you can help to reduce stress like – doing Meditation, Yoga, breathing exercise etc.

Taking off from your work and spending some time doing creative works such as Art, Dance, Music or Photography can also help relieve stress.

Remember, the less stresses you are the more productive you will be, so do not ignore it and make it a habit to take Stress all the time.

Quality family time is a primary indicator of healthy lifestyle

People are more and more busy in their work and they often forget about their responsibility towards their partner, friends and family.

This eventually leads to unhealthy relationship, family tensions ultimately leading to high stress.

To build a healthy lifestyle try to spend some quality time with your loved one, friends and family.

Call them if you are not able to meet in person, invite them for a small get together at home or in a restaurant and let them know how important they are to you.

Get sometime off your busy schedule to go out with you family, friends or with your partner as this will give a new meaning to your relationship and will bring more control to your life.

Keeping your body hydrated may be road to a healthy lifestyle

Drinking fluids is crucial to staying healthy and maintain the normal body functions.

Fluids carry nutrients to your cells, prevent constipation and keep a healthy bladder.

Low water level may lead to low blood pressure, dizziness, confusion and increase toxic elements inside your body.

For smoother functioning you need to drink as much water as your body requires.

There is no definitive quantity of how much of fluid you should have each day.

Bottom Line

Before we close, we would like you to not just keep a track on your fitness regime but also take a look at how you are doing in your personal life.

If you are lacking in your personal front then mind it, you are not having a healthy lifestyle.

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